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How to Promote on Facebook

We all know Facebook as basically the birthplace of social media marketing. Even though many other platforms have arisen since then, there is still an overwhelmingly large amount of people who use Facebook every day. As of right now, Facebook has more than 2 billion daily active users and...

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7 Online Marketing Mistakes that Ruin the Company’s Reputation

At least once a week, the hashtags “canceled” and “___isoverparty” are trending on Twitter. The power social media has is very evident here, and a simple online marketing mistake can cost you your company. It is tough to bounce back once you are canceled,or once you get a bad...

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Social Media Marketing – Step by Step Guide

Do you remember Barney’s 16-step elaborate plan for making a girl fall in love with him from the show “How I Met Your Mother”? Watching the show, this plan seemed ridiculous and unnecessarily long. Still, as I started interacting with marketing agencies in Los Angeles, I have come to...

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