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How to Promote on Facebook

We all know Facebook as basically the birthplace of social media marketing. Even though many other platforms have arisen since then, there is still an overwhelmingly large amount of people who use Facebook every day. As of right now, Facebook has more than 2 billion daily active users and...

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How to Promote your Business in 2020

Running any business is challenging, whether it be big or small. There are so many roles you have to take on and so much to calculate without knowing whether it will be effective or not. Running a business is already a big risk in itself, so you must be...

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7 Signs Your Website Needs an Update

Websites are essentially your face on the internet. It is the first thing that people will find when they search your name, and it will either have them hooked or put them off. It is a marketing tool that should help you gain more business and clients, and should...

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